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Without winning, all other skills and experience that an attorney might possess are rendered mute.
Attorney Gemma B. Dixon will fight tooth and nail in order to win your case.

Chicago Criminal Lawyer Gemma Dixon

Skilled. Experienced. Dedicated

Chicago criminal lawyer Gemma Dixon's approach to the practice of law is not unlike that of a plumber to the unclogging of a drain. Winning for an attorney is what unclogging is for a plumber. Most simply, without winning the case, like not unclogging the drain, all the other skills and experience an attorney or a plumber might possess are rendered useless.

Family law, property law, criminal law, bankruptcy, and civil litigation are among the scope of cases that our attorneys most frequently adjudicates. Specifically, the Law Offices of Gemma Dixon has been most recognized for success in complex civil trials and child custody disputes.

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Gemma B. Dixon

How the Law Offices of Gemma B. Dixon Can Help

Retaining an attorney to represent you is a relationship that transcends, at times, even that of family. A lawyer takes on their clients' worries, fears, and jeopardy. Such a responsibility requires a sort of trust that does not occur elsewhere in life. Clients tell their attorney things their spouse, siblings, parents, and children do not know. Accordingly, "lawyer" should be enumerated among these aforementioned roles.

Gemma believes she was predestined to become an attorney. Even as a child, her father recognized in her an uncanny ability to make an argument and affectionately referred to his daughter as "the lawyer." Her convoluted odyssey toward a career in law led her through medical school, counseling, retail, and other detours. Nonetheless, the trek was well worth it.

A History of Success in Many Fields

Her journey toward a career in law bestowed upon her unique experiences in a number of fields. These experiences, particularly in business and academia, permit her to avail clients in ways that most attorneys cannot.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Gemma was a businesswoman for many years. Her first clients were former business associates. Their cases initially involved property or civil matters. In time, they came to her with other legal issues. In fact, she did not select her practice area--her clients chose it for her!

Though she is involved in a plethora of pursuits outside the practice of law, Gemma is most proud and committed to those involving her alma mater, The John Marshall Law School. For years, she has been involved in formative activities including the world-renowned trial competition established by Professor Emeritus Ronald C. Smith, who serves as “Of Counsel” to the Law Offices of Gemma B. Dixon. In that capacity, she was afforded the opportunity to interact with students from around the world and even travel to Ireland, where she met with Irish Supreme Court justices as part of the competition.

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Without winning, all other skills and experience that an attorney might possess are rendered mute.
Attorney Gemma B. Dixon will fight to win your case.

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